Saturday, January 29, 2011

A quick expression of glee.


I love the internet.

I received some really awesome responses to my call to action. Y'all are beautiful. I'm looking forward to working with everyone.

I am considering starting a Google or Yahoo group. I am wondering about names though. Social Workers Against Size Discrimination? The Size Diversity Social Work Coalition? Social Work Size Action Initiative (or Network...ooh)?

Do you have an awesome name suggestion? I really love the kind you can some how verbalize instead of having to say each letter individually. I think names are important because I think it will really set the tone for the group. For example--size acceptance vs. fat acceptance vs. size diversity (the last one being a fav. of mine).

Anyway, suggest away. Names can always be changed down the line as the group dynamics begin to unfold.


  1. Hey Michelle - I like 'Size Diversity Social Work Coalition'...but I might switch it up to 'Size Diversity Coalition of Social Workers'.

    ...but I am happy with whatever you go with.


  2. yeah, i like yours better! i'll probably pick one and stick to it over the next couple days.